Ab sofort haben sich durch den bundesweiten Lockdown die Besuchsregeln geändert. Wir bitten Sie, sich max. mit 2 Personen pro Pferd und nicht länger als 30 Minuten bei uns in der Klinik aufzuhalten. 


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Veterinary Surgeon – Dentistry

Equine veterinary dentistry


Pferdeklinik Leichlingen was established in 2011 and is one of the largest equine clinics in Germany. The clinic employs over 100 staff, including 29 veterinary surgeons and 47 veterinary assistants in the fields of orthopaedics, surgery, imaging, internal medicine and dentistry.


This job vacancy addresses veterinary equine dentistry with a high degree of competence and expertise that are looking for regular employment in accordance with the Working Time Hours Act. You will support our team at the Pferdeklinik Leichlingen with your equine dentistry expertise and your above-average communication skills. 


We offer modern technical equipment, a highly qualified team and case figures that will allow you to realise your career ambitions in equine medicine. In addition to the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience in equine medicine, we offer you the chance to play an active role in the development of the clinic’s “Dental/Head” department. 


Your responsibilities as an equine dentistry vet at Pferdeklinik Leichlingen are:

  • Independent performance of medical treatments
  • Communication with owners and their vets
  • Internal communication and coordination
  • Management of veterinary assistants
  • Responsibility for the training of veterinary surgeons
  • Treatment preparation and follow-up

This is what we expect you to bring with you: 

  • A sound knowledge of equine dentistry theory and practice 
  • Experience in the implementation and interpretation of craniofacial diagnostics
  • Experience in craniofacial surgery 
  • The ability to work as a member of team of veterinary surgeons and assistants, including members in other disciplines
  • Outstanding commitment


We are looking forward to receiving your application. Please send your informative digital application documents to m.krebs@pferdeklinik-leichlingen.de.